• Wind Tunneling the Farm-to-Fork Strategy

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Yesterday, I presented the European Farm-to-Fork Strategy and the CAP 2023-27 to a group of students in Leadership and Agriculture from Mississippi State University visiting Tuscany for the Spring Break, under the guidance of Prof. Jessica C. Benson. We engaged in a forward-looking exercise, utilizing Megatrend Analysis and Wind Tunneling to assess the F2FS and its 27 legislative proposed actions. Interestingly, the students from across the pond exhibited a more optimistic outlook on the potential success of our sustainability efforts in Europe.

Unfortunately, many of the F2FS initiatives for 2030 have yet to be implemented or clearly defined. The commitments of our Green Deal are now in jeopardy, as Europe’s leadership in reducing CO2 emissions is being challenged by a wave of protests, including a series of Tractor Upheavals throughout the EU. However, scenarios where the Farm-to-Fork Strategy could gain widespread support from citizens, indicated by the Megatrend Analysis, should not be disregarded.

I am grateful to Anna McNeil for providing this valuable opportunity to exchange perspectives on the future of food and agriculture.

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