• “The Carbonara Case” presented at the Dublin Gastronomy Symposium (29 May 2024)

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On May 29th I presented my research “The Carbonara Case: Italian Food and the Race to Conquer Consumers’ Memories” at the Dublin Gastronomy Symposium, one of the most important forums in the field of food studies in Europe. It was the best choice: the peer-reviewed article is published open access and I also received positive feedback from Conference participants from all over the academic and professional world. Certainly, the theme of the 2024 Conference was highly inspiring: “Food and Memory: Traces, Trauma, and Tradition”. Panel session no. 16, masterfully coordinated by Graham Harding, was reserved precisely for transdisciplinary studies like mine.

I return from Dublin full of positive energy and ready to take the presentation I have developed over a year of research and work on graphic and communication development around Italy and the world. “The Carbonara Case” is not just an analysis of a recipe worth over 1 billion dollars, but a journey into the complex and articulated Italian agri-food system, the country’s society, and the consumption of comfort food internationally. From anthropology to neuromarketing, there are many lessons to learn and I will try to illustrate them to the most interested processing companies and PDO/PGI Protection Consortia through targeted and personalized seminars. Thanks to your contribution, I hope to cover at least partially the costs of this free, independent, and self-financed research. Don’t hesitate to contact me to book your “tailor-made” presentation. In the meantime, you can read the full article at this link:


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