• Rediscovering business ethics with M. J. Sandel

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Michael J Sandel
What money can’t buy
New York, 2013.

Why should we read Michael J. Sandel’s book “What money can’t buy”? Because we have lost ethics in business as well as in life. Or better also life as become business, everything has become a business. It is called “commercialism” and risks to void our critical skills. Some practical examples? You pay someone to stay in a kew at your place. The laissez-faire supporters think this is good for the economy because you have created a “new job” or a new service (the “kew substitute”) that has not existed before. But this way of answering to a need it is a discriminating one. No money, no service, only a longer waiting in the kew for you. Another example? You are buying a flight on internet from a low cost company. You just had an operation at your leg and you need extra room in front or your seat. Some years ago you would have asked the hostess and got a better place. Today you have to buy it. Is it all right for you? Again, if you have money the answer could be yes. The book is highly inspiring.

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